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Laboratory Fume Extraction Specialists

Global Leaders in the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Fume Cupboards

  • Superior Construction

    Constructed with virgin medical grade welded polypropylene

  • Safe & Compliant

    Airflow alarmed to ensure British and European safety compliance

  • Fully Installed Solutions

    From design of the project to final testing and sign off, we can help you achieve the perfect solution

  • Custom Sizes & Spec

    Bespoke fume cupboards to suit you and your application

Why settle for normal when you can get exactly what you want!

ISG Fume offer a fully comprehensive design consultation as part of the service, to make sure you have the exact fume cupboard based on your precise specifications.

Fume Cupboard Measuring Diagrams
Biological safety cabinets - handling biohazardous materials
Ducted Fume Cupboard Wide Open
Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing
Laboratory fume cabinets matched to the requirements of the Chemical industry.


Our cupboards are ideal for a diverse range of experiments within the Education sector.


ISG's cabinets come with optional VAV system, motion detection & airflow monitoring.

We’ve got the experience. We have the reputation. We’ll demonstrate our innovation

ISG Fume has grown significantly in recent years to become one of the leading suppliers of fume extraction systems for laboratories worldwide. The cupboards we manufacture and install are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the lab, as it protects its operators from hazardous substances.

Working with many laboratories across a variety of sectors, our vast experience has ensured every extraction system we’ve supplied can not only be fully bespoke but is optimised to offer the highest performance whilst maintaining energy efficiency.

Your safety is our highest priority

Safety is imperative in a laboratory environment and our fume cabinets are designed with worker safety and comfort in mind. We can advise you on the best materials and features for your cupboard’s intended use.

So, whether it’s students or specialist technicians in a research lab, we’ll ensure you’re protected from any potential exposure to harmful or irritating fumes. Our friendly team is always available to answer any questions and deliver the best pieces of advice.

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