About Us

ISG Fume Extraction is the specialist fume extraction division of the International Scientific Group

We manufacture, install and test extraction systems of all types but focus on Fume cupboards, Laminar flow cabinets and Biosafety cabinets.

ISG Fume Cupboard
Fume Cupboard Measuring Diagrams
Biological safety cabinets - handling biohazardous materials

We prefer to focus on building solutions based on your requirements rather than giving a stock solution to your needs. Whilst ‘standard’ options are available where required, we almost always find that there is something extra we can bring to the table when it comes to specification, ease of use or solution longevity.

Our team of specialists and solution designers are experienced in delivering you a perfect tailored solution to your requirements and needs. We work with all parties through the chain from architects, contractors, distribution partners to the final end user to ensure a consistent project is delivered every time.

Whatever your requirements, we can help.

We make fume cupboards the way you want them!

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