Air Filtration Systems

We are here to provide a quality product to ensure the highest level of safety in our hospitals and medical facilities.

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Medical Grade Air Purifier System for Hospitals, Labs and Healthcare

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The Importance of Air Filtration Systems in Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Air Filtration / Purification systems must be a maintenance priority. Due to the nature of airborne contagions and other types of germs, filtration systems protect patients and visitors from contracting illnesses.

But it’s not only patients, friends and family that benefit from functioning and efficient air purifiers, doctors and medical personnel do as well, because they’ll be working in healthier environments with cleaner air. Can be used in conjunction with the Viralair-UV air steriliser unit. Read out detailed resource for more information on the differences between air purifiers and sterilisers.

Fighting against coronavirus

Our Viralair-HEPA™ product collects viruses and bacteria. We are 100% dedicated to helping health professionals in the fight against Coronavirus, and hope that in providing first-class air filtration systems, we can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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HEPA Filter unit


Our air purifier is second to none. This unit utilises  H14 HEPA filters and is combined with a powerful, yet quiet fan, to filter and recirculate up to 2000m3 of air per hour. The unit is tested using a Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) test. This test is used on class II Biosafety cabinets that are commonly used to work with microbiological samples, bacteria and viruses.

The fan draws contaminated air through a medical grade H14 HEPA filter, purifying it and expelling the clean air back to the room.

The unit has a plug and play set up, easy access internals for cleaning and a structure easy to disassemble for cleaning. Smooth castors also allow for quick and safe positioning.


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Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Size (mm) HxWxD 700 x 700 x 700
Capacity (m3/hr) ≥2000
Applicable room size per unit 160m³
Filter/Efficacy H14 HEPA/99.997% @ 0.3µm
Sound Level (dB) ≤67
Temp. Range -20°C ~ 50°C
Humidity ≤85%
Atmos. Press 40KPa ~ 200KPa
Power consumption ≤350W
Power Supply AC 220-240V 50/60Hz. Hard wired 5M lead with UK 3-pin plug
Weight +/-52Kg