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Contained safely within the unit itself, ISG’s air steriliser can run whilst people are in the room at high capacity (800m³/hour), making it suitable for large spaces.

Works Fast

The sterilisation unit provides cleaner air in minutes, running quietly in the background, as if it was never there.

Maximum Flexibility

Placed on smooth castors so you can move it from room to room easily. No need for installation, just plug and play!

No Filters

Unlike air purifiers, the Viralair-UV utilises state of the art UV-C technology to eliminate bacteria and viruses, so there’s no need to pay for replacement filters.

Help Protect Your Staff and Patients

When it comes to healthcare environments, the quality of air is of the utmost importance, especially in areas that require procedures. Whether it’s a check-up or surgery, a patient’s mouth can be open for a long period time.

With different kinds of pathogens potentially able to float in the air, ISG’s air sterilisation unit removes contaminants quickly and effectively, using trusted UV-C technology.

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Eradicate All Types of Airborne

steriliser in reception

The Best Air Steriliser for Dentists

The easy to use Viralair-UV has been specifically designed for healthcare conditions, which makes it perfect for dental surgeries. Using an effective technology that is tried and tested, the unit is configured to ensure the highest levels of air sterilisation, with no distraction to you or your patients.

UV-C is the most well known and trusted solution for diminishing and preventing the spread of infection. It’s been clinically proven to be the most effective weapon against all know bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus.

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High Capacity and Low Noise

ISG’s high performing steriliser unit is capable of producing an airflow of 800m3 / per hour. This remarkable volume enables it to be exceptionally effective when removing contaminants from the air in very large areas such as surgeries and waiting rooms, meaning the air your staff and patients breath will be sterilised in a matter of minutes.

And, as the air steriliser hardly makes a sound, you can rest assured that your environment will be safe and comfortable for patients, with no disruptions.


Is UV-C Effective Against COVID-19

When it comes to reducing the risk of harmful microorganisms, UV light is a proven technology. That being said, we also know that ultraviolet light can be harmful to a person’s eyes and skin. So, the question is – How is UV-C Effective Against Coronavirus and how can it be deployed safely enough to sterilise the air in a room?

“With the events of this year, the healthcare industry has had to be even more rigorous in its efforts to keep facilities as clean as possible. ISG’s air steriliser is the perfect solution to make sure that we can also keep the air people breath as clean as everything else.”

Head of Microbiology

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Technical Specifications
Size (mm) HxWxD830 x 425 x 300
Capacity (m3/hr)≥800
Applicable room size per unit 80m³
O3 concentration in air during dynamic sterilisation≤0.1mg/m3
Sound Level (dB)≤55
Temp. Range-10°C ~ 40°C
Atmos. Press60KPa ~ 106KPa
Power consumption≤350W
Power SupplyAC 220-240V 50/60Hz