Clean Air You Can Rely On


Our office air steriliser will run safely and effectively in the background at a high capacity (800m³/hour), whilst your staff are working away. Suitable for any office size.

Works Fast

Sterilised within a matter of minutes, you'll be breathing cleaner air throughout the working day.

Plug & Play Setup

No need for integrated control panels or apps. Your UV-C steriliser comes pre-set to medical grade standards.

No Filters

Forget replacing filters on a regular basis, ISG's office air steriliser unit harnesses advanced UV-C technology to eradicate airborne bacteria and viruses.

Low Noise and High Capacity

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the importance of hygiene and clean air have become paramount in the business world. Protecting your employees is extremely important, now more than ever. Originally developed for the healthcare industry, ISG’s sterilisation unit will eliminate bacteria and viruses in the air using the most advanced UV-C technology to capture and inactivate floating spores.

By producing up to 800m³ of clean air per hour, it’s highly effective when it comes to sterilising big meetings rooms, or very large office spaces when combining multiple units together, ensuring your offices are safer than ever before.

And thanks to its low operating noise, our UV-C steriliser will never be an intrusion on your meetings or staff working.

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Viralair-UV™ Air Steriliser in operation
Technical Specifications
Size (mm) HxWxD830 x 425 x 300
Capacity (m3/hr)≥800
Applicable room size per unit80m³
O3 concentration in air during dynamic sterilisation≤0.1mg/m3
Sound Level (dB)≤55
Temp. Range-10°C ~ 40°C
Atmos. Press60KPa ~ 106KPa
Power consumption≤350W
Power SupplyAC 220-240V 50/60Hz

Eradicate All Types of Airborne


No Fuss Clean Air for Your Business

We come across different air sterilisers sold by different companies all the time, and they all try to do the same thing. Blind you with “high tech”, colourful and interactive control panels. It might sound appealing to have the power to change any setting you want and have more control on how your unit works. But is that what you really need? Do you have the expertise to experiment with settings? Chances are you’re going to make your steriliser completely less effective.

That’s why ISG utilise the plug and play approach and haven’t integrated any control panels or apps. We want your unit to always perform at medical-grade standards, set by industry-led experts, so you can benefit from the cleanest air possible. All day, every day!

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Is UV-C Effective Against COVID-19

When it comes to reducing the risk of harmful microorganisms, UV light is a proven technology. That being said, we also know that ultraviolet light can be harmful to a person’s eyes and skin. So, the question is – How is UV-C effective against coronavirus and how can it be deployed safely enough to sterilise the air in a room?

“Very knowledgeable and not only were the biosafety cabinets we ordered from ISG Fume made exactly the way we needed them, but they were delivered and installed within 48 hours.”

Head of Microbiology

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