Biosafety Cabinets (Class 2) / Cytotoxic Fume Hoods

Available In 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm

Biosafety Cabinet Class 2
  • Quality Construction

    Constructed with virgin medical grade welded Polypropylene

  • Safe & Compliant

    Airflow alarmed to ensure British and European safety compliance

  • Low Maintenance Lighting

    LED lighting fitted to provide clarity and safety with low maintenance

  • Custom Sizes & Spec

    Custom built to suit you and your application

As well as our popular bespoke fume cupboard service, PCR cabinets and laminar flow cabinets, we also offer off-the-shelf class 2 biosafety cabinets and cytotoxic fume hoods, designed to keep your team safe while handling potentially hazardous materials.

Safety is imperative in a laboratory environment and our cabinets are designed with worker safety and comfort in mind. We can advise you on the best materials and features for your cabinet’s intended use.

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What Is Biosafety?

In its simplest form, biosafety is practice of ensuring that potentially hazardous materials are kept in safe environments, and not allowed to contaminate beings or ecosystems outside of the environment. It can also relate to biological materials that have to avoid contamination. In either definition, it refers to keeping a substance or material isolated for the sake of safety.

There are many laws and protocols in place to safeguard biosafety and maintain the correct levels of risk management within laboratories. Our biosafety cabinets and cytotoxic fume hoods are built to the highest standard, ensuring that they’re fully in compliance with all regulations.

What Are Biosafety Cabinets?

A biosafety cabinet may also be referred to as a BSC, biological safety cabinet, microbiological safety cabinet or a cytotoxic fume hood. It’s a workspace that’s enclosed and ventilated, allowing the operator to work with materials that could potentially be harmful to themselves and their environment.

Our Class 2 Biosafety cabinets are available in 4 sizes:

  • 900mm
  • 1200mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1800mm

Class 2 biosafety cabinets are the laboratory standard. While class 3 is designed for no contact with the materials by featuring built-in gloves in its front glass screen, class 2 cabinets enable users to work closer with the materials to allow more control and stability.

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Biological safety cabinets - handling biohazardous materials

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