Case Study

Endeavour Specialty Chemicals

Endeavour Specialty Chemicals engaged the services of ISG to address issues with achieving compliant airflows, broken sashes and H&S concerns as to rusting metal cupboards. Endeavour operates busy production laboratories thus downtime was a huge consideration.

ISG performed an in-depth study of the processes being performed and collaborated with each department to ensure a full understanding of the requirements.

The final solution delivered at Endeavour included the following:

  • Removal and disposal of old cupboards
  • Fully bespoke design based on client requirements and processes mapped
  • Units built 100% from Virgin medical grade polypropylene to eliminate corrosion in the future
  • Units designed to maximise workspace and eliminate wasted lab space
  • Unit size was fitted perfectly to the space available
  • Installation of fully virgin medical grade polypropylene cupboards with ‘boost fan’ technology to ensure compliant face velocity
  • Installation of VAV systems for consistent face velocity, energy efficiency and to reduce load on central extraction system
  • Removal, Installation, and commissioning was completed within 1 week

The outcome was the elimination of issues with noncompliance, safety and wasted space through the collaboration of Laboratory Managers, ESC Management team and ISG Specialists.  The project was completed within 1 week which allowed Endeavour to reduce expected downtime significantly.

Laurence Oleksik, Production and Site Manager at ESC summarized the project very well:

“We choose ISG for our fume hood replacement project due to their ability to offer custom designed units in corrosion proof, stain resistant, hygienic polypropylene. The new units have been designed around our working practices and offer large and versatile working spaces.    

The installation was carried out in one week as specified with no disruption to operations elsewhere on site.   

The new hoods are up and running, look great and should serve us well into the future.”

See a timelapse of the project being completed:






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