Case Study

The University of Birmingham (NPRL)

ISG were contacted by University of Birmingham with highly specific requirements for their Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory.

Over 97% of all of ISG fume cupboards are bespoke in some way. From a little extra height required to a fully bespoke sump, polycarbonate sash, multiple taps, VAV etc. ISG is used to it all.

The University of Birmingham’s requirements were at the higher end of the scale but didn’t present an issue to ISG. The specification included a deep sump to fit a metal frame that is then used to work with HF (Hydrofluoric Acid), gas taps, full polypropylene construction and access panels for services.  ISG worked closely with the University of Birmingham’s construction provider and Lab personnel to build, deliver and install the full package and connect to an existing system.

The University now not only has compliant, safe and fit for purpose method of working in this highly acidic environment but also have a fume cupboard that will be in pristine condition for years to come. The polypropylene construction permanently eliminates corrosion.

Catherine Storey (Experimental Officer NPRL) from the University said:

Many thanks to ISG and their team for providing us with our fume cupboard. The ability to design the cupboard around our equipment and choose the dimensions of the cupboard to fit our needs has been invaluable in allowing us to maximise the working space within our lab. ISG were also able to incorporate a sump and frame support within the cupboard to house our existing equipment. The team were helpful and responsive to our very individual requirements and were a pleasure to deal with.

ISG recently visited the university around 18 months after the install. The picture below shows the unit in use and as can be seen, its still in perfect condition.





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