Fume Cupboards for the Chemical Industry

Built to any size, specification or requirement

  • Quality Construction

    Constructed with virgin medical grade welded Polypropylene

  • Safe & Compliant

    Airflow alarmed to ensure British and European safety compliance

  • Fully Installed Solutions

    From design of the project to final testing and sign off, we can help you achieve the perfect solution.

  • Custom Sizes & Spec

    Custom built to suit you and your application

Why Choose an ISG Chemical Fume Cupboard?

Our laboratory fume cupboards are perfectly matched to the requirements of the chemical industry. The polypropylene construction of the fume cupboards leads to a longer lasting, more suitable, cost-effective solution. All ducted fume cupboards are certified and built to BS EN 14175 and ASHRAE 110-1995 standards.

  • One piece polypropylene construction
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • ZERO corrosion over time
  • Built to your specification
  • Options for huge savings using VAV (what is VAV?)
ISG Fume Cupboard

Ducted Fume Cupboards

Virgin medical-grade welded polypropylene fume cupboards with ducting.

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Ductless Fume Cupboards

Ductless (recirculating) fume cupboards with a reduced environmental impact.

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