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All of our ducted fume cupboards are designed with the user in mind, which is why they can be customised and changed, so they can be installed easily in any facility. 97% of the fume cupboards we install are ‘bespoke’ in some way. But don’t worry if you require something more standard in size, we can cater to your request too. Below are some indicative specifications for standard size cupboards – if you would like more information about these off-the-shelf options then contact our team today.

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ISG Fume are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and installers of clean air technology worldwide, so you can rest assured that all our ducted fume cabinet solutions are of the highest standards. From hospitals and lab research facilities to some of the biggest private organisation across the globe, we are constantly striving to stay at the forefront of the fume extraction industry, which is why we consider every aspect of your needs before you purchase your cupboard.

Fume Cupboard Sizes Ducted


The ideal material for the construction of Fume Cupboards is polypropylene. Not just any polypropylene but Virgin medical grade welded polypropylene as this offers much higher chemical resistance than other materials used in traditional fume cupboards. We can, of course, offer the traditional style ducted cupboards if required, but we would always recommend the significantly better polypropylene version (learn more about the advantages of polypropylene v traditional materials).

Fume Cupboard Measuring Diagrams
Ducted Fume Cupboard Airflow Diagram Front


There are many different work surfaces that can be specified on our fume cupboards.

  • Polypropylene
  • Trespa
  • Ceramic
  • Stainless Steel
  • …and more


Almost any size of internal heights, widths and depths are able to be built. Whether you are looking to unitise as much space as possible in your existing lab, or designing your lab from scratch, ISG Fume can build something to maximise workspace and efficiency, whilst maintaining compliance and safety. We’ve built cupboards from 600mm wide to 4000mm wide so we understand the varied requirements you may have!

Walk-In Ductless Fume Cupboard


Lighting is very important to ensure safe practice and the obvious choice is LED, as it offers a very long life with excellent clarity. Older types such as fluorescent tubes can prove troublesome.

Airflow Control System Options

A typical laboratory fume cupboard pulls air from inside the room through the open sash, taking hazardous and noxious gases/particles with it. Installing the right airflow control system can make a huge difference to your laboratory’s safety, comfort, and overall energy efficiency.

We offer CAV, RAV and VAV systems, although in most circumstances we would recommend VAV. VAV is more responsive, can offer huge energy (and cost!) savings and in some instances we’ve seen it reduce the exhausted air volume by up to 75%. Check out our article on the different types of Airflow control for more information.

Safety and Compliance

ISG Fume’s cupboards are built to comply with BS EN14175 and also to ASHRAE 110 – 1995. There are many safety features that can be built into the design of our ducted fume cupboards. These include low air flow alarms (both visual and audio), VAV (Variable air volume) systems to ensure constant face velocity and other systems such as fire suppression and fire collars can be installed to maintain a safe working environment.

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