The Perfect Solutions for Your Laboratory

Designed and manufactured in a purpose built facility, we have complete control over product quality. So, not only can we customise the cabinets to your specific requirements, you can rest assured that all our fume cupboard solutions are of the highest standards and that every consideration has been taken before your build.

Whether it’s for a hospital, lab research facility, government or a global blue-chip organisation, our dedicated team are relentlessly motivated to stay at the top of the fume extraction industry.

Advanced Technology
Only the latest technologies are used in construction of your new cabinets.
Designed For Your Application
Whatever your needs are, we can custom build fume cabinets for your application.
Energy Efficient & Low Noise
Lowering the impact on the environment and your surroundings.
Corrosion Guarantee
We’re so confident our cupboards are built to the highest standards, we offer 50 year corrosion guarantee on carcasses.

Ducted Fume Cupboards

Offering exceptional levels of containment, this versatile and high performing piece of laboratory equipment is perfect for a range of applications. Always having the user in mind, all our ducted fume cupboards are built to comply with safety standards with a range of standard or bespoke sizes.


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Ductless Fume Cupboards

No matter your budget, ISG Fume’s ductless solutions utilise only the very latest in recirculating air filtration technology. This type of fume cupboard has become an increasingly popular choice due to its environmental impact and it’s mobility, meaning you can even install them in areas that may normally be difficult to access with ducted systems.


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Walk-in Fume Cupboards

Available in both ducted and ductless models, our walk-in fume cupboards are 100% bespoke due to the nature of their use. They are the perfect choice for facilities that need to protect operators using large and heavy equipment, which are too big for benchtop cabinets.


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Laminar Flow Fume Cupboards

Protecting bother the user and the sample, this special cabinet is intended for applications where specimens need to be maintained using HEPA filers. Taking contaminated in air from the room and from the work area, our fume cupboard will pass it through two filters, passing clean air back down to the worksurface and out of the building through an external fan.

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