Laminar Flow Fume Cupboards

Clean bench functionality but with the benefits/safety of a fume cupboard!

Laminar Flow Cabinet
  • Safe

    Protects user and samples

  • Easy to Clean

    Premium Polypropylene has ultra-low surface tension to resist harsh chemicals and detergents

  • Long-Lasting

    Metal-free construction means zero corrosion.

  • 100% Customisable

    Designed to suit your application and lab to maximise space

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This special unit is designed for applications where the integrity of solutions/specimens is maintained by HEPA filtered air and yet any harmful, toxic or unpleasant fumes & particles are extracted thus offering total protection to users.

This unit takes room air, passes it through a pre-filter, then a HEPA filter (for Class100/ISO 5 [or ULPA if required for Class10/ISO 4]) filter and then sends the filtered air down onto the working area. Contaminated air is drawn from the room, down through the front edge of the work surface and out of the building by an external fan. Likewise, air from the working area is drawn to the rear of the unit and into the same extract stream.

Created by welding virgin medical grade Polypropylene* they are not only proof against corrosion (which blights steel types) – very useful as aggressive detergents are often used when handling specimens – but resistant against UV degradation (which affects PVC/GRP), very easy to clean – and they look great!

*We can manufacture these units from PPS (which has a V0 flame retardant properties) if required.

Laminar Flow Cabinet Airflow Diagram


  • Clean bench functionality
  • Polypropylene* structure with high chemical resistance
  • One-piece welded structure
  • Built-in polypropylene worksurface
  • Optional worksurface materials: 304/316 Stainless Steel
  • Tempered glass sliding front sash
  • Optional custom sash designs
  • Cleanliness level – Class 100/ISO 5 or Class 10/ISO 4
  • Eco-friendly, cost-effective LED lighting separated from the work area
  • Includes polypropylene lower base storage cabinets with integrated sumps
  • Optional sinks, water/gas/vacuum/nitrogen/other taps and power sockets
  • User-friendly 5” full colour digital touch screen control panel including low airflow alarm
  • Optional VAV system
  • Optional “Dynamic” auto-closing/opening sash with programmable delay
  • EN-14175, ASHRAE 110-1995, CE certified

Whilst some “standard” sizes are set out below these can be made to literally ANY height, width or depth without any bespoke charge. This makes them ideal for retro-fitting into existing laboratory layouts or for suiting any bespoke requirements for proposed new or refurbished laboratories.

Available Sizes

Model LAFFC1200 LAFFC1500 LAFFC1800 LAFFC2000 LAFFC2500
Description ISG Polypropylene Laminar Flow Ducted Fume Cupboard 1200mm Wide ISG Polypropylene Laminar Flow Ducted Fume Cupboard 1500mm Wide ISG Polypropylene Laminar Flow Ducted Fume Cupboard 1800mm Wide ISG Polypropylene Laminar Flow Ducted Fume Cupboard 2000mm Wide ISG Polypropylene Laminar Flow Ducted Fume Cupboard 2500mm Wide
External Size (W x D x H) 1200 x 830 x 2320mm
47.3 x 32.6 x 91.3"
1500 x 830 x 2320mm
59 x 32.6 x 91.3"
1800 x 830 x 2320mm
70.9 x 32.6 x 91.3"
2000 x 830 x 2320mm
78.7 x 32.6 x 91.3"
2500 x 830 x 2320mm
98.4 x 32.6 x 91.3"
Internal (workspace) Size (W x D x H) 1000 x 630 x 1000mm
39.4 x 24.8 x 39.3"
1300 x 630 x 1000mm
51.2 x 24.8 x 39.3"
1600 x 630 x 1000mm
63 x 24.8 x 39.3"
1800 x 630 x 1000mm
70.8 x 24.8 x 39.3"
2300 x 630 x 1000mm
90.5 x 24.8 x 39.3"
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Max. Sash Opening 720mm (28.3")

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