Ensuring the Safety of Your Staff and Samples

The ISG laminar fume cupboard is designed to give protection to the user and the sample.

It’s airflow patten is similar to that of a Class II B2 cabinet with the air being drawn under the work surface and out of the external extract duct.  The difference between the laminar flow fume hood and a class II cabinet is that the fume cabinet is not filtered on the extract and therefore should not be used for dangerous biological samples.

As with all ISG fume cupboards, our laminar versions allow complete flexibility in design and dimensions.

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Safe & Compliant
Combined protection for user and samples
ISO5 or ISO4 Cleanness
Premium Polypropylene has ultra-low surface tension to resist harsh chemicals and detergents
Polypropylene Construction
Metal-free and made entirely using polypropylene, meaning zero corrosion.
Customisable Dimensions
Designed to suit your application and lab to maximise space

Build Your Own

We’re the only specialist supplier of truly bespoke fume extraction systems.

Whilst we can construct some “standard” sizes, which are set out in the technical specification table below, our laminar flow fume cupboards can be made to literally ANY height, width or depth without any bespoke charge. This makes them ideal for retro-fitting into existing laboratory layouts, or for suiting any bespoke requirements for proposed new or refurbished laboratories.

Our reliable and experience team will make sure that whatever your needs are, they are always delivered upon.

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Advanced Control Systems and Specifications

The ISG control systems are built in house and are designed to work with the cabinet as one ecosystem removing the potential of breakdown between third party systems and giving greater flexibility and design.  This also means that everything can be controlled from the control panel without the requirement of multiple manual switches and buttons.

All our laminar flow fume cupboards are built with the following premium features, including the 9″ Pro Touch Screen Control Panel.

Technical Specifications

Available Sizes+

Red Light Alarm System

Part of the ISG control system is the red light airflow alarm. This allows a very visual representation of any airflow issue that may occur from any distance.  This system is particularly useful in noisy environments or large rooms where fume cupboards are not being worked in all of the time.  The red light alarm will turn off the internal light when alarming to ensure work does not continue until the issue is resolved.


Bespoke extra-large fume cupboard installation with boost fans and build from 100% polypropylene construction to eliminate corrosion


10 bespoke fume cupboards built and designed to specific requirements including a specialist perchloric acid wash down fume cupboard


3.6 meter wide Walk-In fume cupboards with central control pillar. Built from 100% polypropylene carcase with 50 year guaranty