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The new name for clean air. Only available from ISG

This unit is designed for positioning around and alongside staff both in open circulation/break- out areas. Whether it’s in individual offices, conference rooms, hospital wards or dental waiting rooms, the Viralair-UV is the perfect clean air solution for every environment. With no need to evacuatethe area when used, this means no down-time and no post sterilisation cleaning, offering in-situ Air sterilisation.

Air is drawn in via side inlets and exposed to powerful UV-C radiation for effective sterilisation before the internal fan expels the sterilised air back into the room via the front outlet.

Using UV-C for the killing of bacteria and viruses is not a new idea, but this is possibly the first time it has been made available for air sterilisation in such a compact, mobile unit.

Helping to Fight COVID-19

By utilising UV-C technology, our Viralair-UV™ unit can eliminate bacteria and pathogens like Coronavirus. We’re 100% dedicated to aiding the health  and well-being of all professionals in the fight against COVID-19 and hope that in offering an air filtration system of this caliber, it will help prevent the spread of infections to loved ones and health workers.


Key Benefits

Clean air has never been as important as it is now. Sterilise your working environment in a cost effective and efficient way. With its compact and mobile nature, as well as its high capacity, the Viralair-UV is the perfect solution for offices, hospitals and dental practices.

  • The size allows access through all size doorways and the smooth castors make positioning easy.

  • A standard UK mains 3-pin plug means fast deployment and set-up. Simple on/off switch means no risk of incorrect operation and no training required.

  • Each unit sterilises up to 800m3/hr and multiple units can be combined to help cover much larger spaces or used alongside our Viralair-HEPA™ for increased capacity.

  • No need for expensive replacement filters.

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