Whatever Your Needs, We Can Deliver

As one of the global leaders in designing, manufacturing and installing clean air technology,  you can rest assured that your new walk-in fume cupboard solution will be made to the highest of standards and achieve the highest of performance levels, leaving you in no doubt that ISG Fume are your ideal partner when it comes to fume extraction systems.

Most of the fume cabinets we supply are customised to the client’s specific requirements, but we can also cater those needing something more standard. If you’d like any more information regarding the nature of your bespoke walk-in fume cupboard or our “off-the-shelf” options, get in touch with our experienced team today!

Quality Construction
Constructed with virgin medical grade welded Polypropylene
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Safe & Compliant
Airflow alarmed to ensure British and European safety compliance
Fully Installed Solutions
From design of the project to final testing and sign off, we can help you achieve the perfect solution
Custom Sizes & Spec
Custom built to suit you and your application

Build Your Own

We’re second to none when it comes to building both ducted and recirculating walk-in fume cupboards to your exact requirements.

Whether you are an environmental, chemical manufacturing, testing company or an educational establishment, your needs are almost always unique to you in some way. That’s why we believe in our motto of “customise, don’t generalise”.

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More Room for Working Safely

When your using large pieces of equipment, the best unit for the operator to work with is a walk-in fume cupboard. Our many years’ experience and successfully completed projects, whether customised or standard applications, speak for themselves. As safety is paramount when extracting hazardous fumes, ISG independently test and certify every fume cabinet to not only BS EN 14175, but also to ASHRAE 110-1995 for international Clients, ensuring you’re only supplied with the safest units possible.

We’re also determined to remain to be at the forefront of the fume extraction industry. That’s why no matter the size of the project, we always carefully consider every detail of your requirements before you acquire your cabinets.

Energy efficient led lighting

Sealed LED lighting offers eco-friendly, cost-effective 800 LUX illumination.


Sash Design

Large front opening for easy access. With a variety of bespoke options available.


Totally customisable

We make our cabinets to ANY specification you need and without any bespoke charge.


Lining Materials

No corrosion, ever. Allows for ultimate flexibility in design, anything can be easily customised


Intuitive User interface

All controls in one place with our user-friendly interface with intuitive calibration and night setback mode.


Polypropylene Vented Storage Cabinets

100% polypropylene cabinets including the door hinges. Options for draws, knee space or cabinets



Walk-In Fume Cupboard+

Bespoke extra-large fume cupboard installation with boost fans and build from 100% polypropylene construction to eliminate corrosion


10 bespoke fume cupboards built and designed to specific requirements including a specialist perchloric acid wash down fume cupboard


3.6 meter wide Walk-In fume cupboards with central control pillar. Built from 100% polypropylene carcase with 50 year guaranty